Arrival & Dismissal


Doors open for Students at 8:10
Kiss and Ride lane operates from 8:10 AM until 8:35 AM.

Please note that adults will not be permitted beyond the long white line at the front of the building.


Older siblings are permitted to be dismissed from their classes at the same time as their younger siblings. These children will be dismissed from their classroom, use the same exit as they would later in the day, and find their waiting grown-ups.

If you have children you would like to have dismissed with younger siblings, please email your child’s teacher so this can be arranged. We will not allow older children to be dismissed earlier, without written confirmation from families.

Dismissal Schedule

Front of Building
(by main doors)

2:20 pm - Front:
K Grace
K Ryan
K Tibbs

2 Stone

2:27 pm - Front:
1 Williams


2:35 pm - Front:
3 Humby
3 Purcell
4/5 Lacey

Garden Side
(right side of building)

2:20 pm - Garden side:
1 Regular

2 Pearce
2/3 Stevenson

2:27 pm - Garden side:
4 Drew
4 Peddle
5 Barry
5 Varghese 

2:35 pm South Stairwell Exit
All Grade 6 and 7 students 

Updated August 25, 2023