Grade 3

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Mme L. Regular

Mrs. C. Burlock

Grade 3-4 School Climate Survey

Links from Ms. Regular

As a fun little activity today, if you're looking for a nice little art activity, play this for your child... I have the most amazing artists in my class! They are familiar with these directed drawings! This is a cute Easter drawing...

Aquamath covers the grade 3 math curriculum with fun underwater characters Aquamath :

Your children still have access to Zorbits Math (amazing) and Prodigy (the kids love this) with their username and passwords attached in their agenda.

Zorbit's -

Prodigy -

Reading... These are a few sites that have books read aloud to the children (in both languages) if you find yourself needing them.

Tumblebooks is super because they can read books in both languages (just change the language option at the top of the screen). *We used this daily in class. The kids will likely remember the username and password. Connect with me if they can't recall!

Seulement Livres en Fran├žais (French)

Just Books Read Aloud (English)

Storyline Online - English stories read

All of these are optional resources. No pressure - no expectations - no worries. These sites are for your use with your child if you find that you're looking for some things to occupy them. Learning at home is very different than in a class setting... my hope for your children is that they are having enjoyable days at home filled with happy times playing, reading, drawing, exploring and just... being kids. Use these resources as well as the ones on our school webpage and the NLESD site (